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Cleaner Production

Cleaner production is a smart way of doing business. It's about saving you money. And it's about helping the environment.

Cleaner production focuses on the whole production process. It's all about using resources, materials, energy, water and time more efficiently.

Waste is an indicator of an inefficient operation and use of resources. Identifying why and where waste is created is the first stage of cleaner production.

Take your rubbish bin or skip, for instance. Look inside it. Chances are, you're throwing away some valuable resources and paying too much for rubbish removal in the process. You could probably prevent some of that waste from occurring in the first place.

The benefits of cleaner production to your business can be huge. For some businesses it can mean more than a 50% savings to current waste removal costs.

Getting started is easy. It "pays to be green to be seen". Businesses all around New Zealand are practicing cleaner production.