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Staff Training

Waste Watchers Ltd can provide staff training for your business or organisation. Whether it's working with employees in a hospital, factory or shopping mall, Waste Watchers can develop staff training programmes to assist your business with greater resource efficiency . As registered assessors we can help your employees develop qualifications in zero waste and the resource recovery sector.

Zero Waste Education

Waste Watchers Ltd and partner organisation Zero Waste Education developes programmes for schools and tertiary institutions. Company Director - Bruce Trask has been involved in school education for more than 30 years. As a past school teacher and principal, Bruce knows how students learn and has developed a range of educational programmes targeted specifically at zero waste education and water conservation. For more information go to www.zerowasteeducation.co.nz

School Initiatives

The Waste Watchers team work closely to support the Paper4trees programme with our project partner and award winning trust EERST. As a not-for-profit organisation with a community based focus, EERST has been recognized as a leader in school waste minimization programmes. EERST has assisted more than 65% of New Zealand schools with resource recovery initiatives. Each year the trust donates thousands of native trees to schools as an incentive to recycle paper and cardboard. The "Paper4trees" programme, which began in 2001, is responsible for recovering thousands of tonnes of paper and cardboard from schools each year. Participating schools have slashed thousands of dollars from their disposal fees and no longer dump or incinerate these resources. For more information go to www.eerst.co.nz

Future Leaders
We see children as our future leaders and we believe education for sustainability must to be a priority for all students in Aotearoa New Zealand. Education for sustainability was first highlighted as a priority by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) in 1997. We support this view and actively promote education in schools and businesses today for a planet worth living on tomorrow.