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Energy Conservation

Reducing operating costs are important for any "smart business". By managing energy consumption more efficiently, businesses can usually improve their competitiveness and their bottom line. Many businesses can cut between 10% and 30% with some simple "energy wise" housekeeping.


  • Encourage staff to switch off lights after use
  • Replace incandescent lights with fluorescent lights
  • Use natural light where possible or install skylights
  • Install motion detectors on lights in infrequently occupied areas (toilets)


  • Switch off unnecessary heaters
  • Reduce air conditioning operation times
  • Install a thermostat for lower night temperatures
  • Put on a jersey and reduce level of heating


  • Purchase or lease energy efficient equipment and appliances
  • Switch off computers and other equipment when not in use
  • Insulate hot water cylinders and pipe work
  • Turn off equipment at night

Look for the hidden energy surplus at work by switching off power and turning up savings.