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Environmental Business Systems

If your business is one where environmental compliance, quality or consistency is essential, a formal business management system should be considered. Most registered environmental systems must be conducted by qualified auditors. Some recognized systems used in New Zealand include the following:

  • ISO 14000 Series
ISO stands for International Organisation for Standardisation. The overseas environmental management systems which are independent and accredited in approximately 156 countries. ISO standards contribute to making the development, manufacturing and supply of products and services more efficient, safer and cleaner.

  • Green Globe 21
Green Globe 21 is the worldwide benchmarking and certification program which facilitates sustainable travel and tourism for consumers, companies and communities. It is based on Agenda 21 and principles for Sustainable Development.

  • Enviro-Mark®NZ
Enviro-Mark NZ is an environmental management system marketed and supported throughout New Zealand by Landcare Research. This web-based, self managing programme takes businesses through five-steps ranging from Bronze to Diamond.

Environmental Business Systems normally have a cost attached to them. Before choosing any new programme or system for your business, investigate the fees and conditions upon application.