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Conducting a Waste Audit

A waste audit is the only way to get real quantified information about how much waste is actually generated, where it is generated and how much it is costing the company. Until a waste audit is conducted it is difficult to set up efficient systems for recovery.

In most businesses progress can be made in small manageable steps. Look for an opportunity plan and safely conduct the waste audit. Take health and safety precautions where necessary. Gather up all the waste and recyclable materials; sort it, weigh it, classify it and record the data.

Put together a report and share the information with management and staff. Try to give everyone at the business an opportunity for input before implementing any changes.

Call your local recycling operator. Your current waste service provider may also be involved in recycling or resource recovery schemes.

Trial the new system and make changes as needed. You may want to conduct another waste audit in approximately six months to measure success of any changes implemented.

Publish your activities on your company webpage and in the annual report. Market your business as environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Send out a press release.

Begin to look at green procurement policies and "close the loop" on waste by purchasing or making your products with recycled content.