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Waste Minimisation

Waste minimisation is preventing waste from occuring in the first place, rather than trying to get rid of it once you have it. Rather than using methods of "the old business model" be a "smart business" and start looking "up-the-pipe" at the source of the waste. By not creating waste, by designing it out of the process; your company can prevent resources from being manufactured and then wasted. Waste minimisation will involve changes to three key areas.

  1. Change your inputs
Use your resources more efficiently. Replace inefficient systems, products and materials with more efficient ones.
  1. Change your processes
Introduce clean technology or improve operating practices. Improve equipment or change the layout and current inefficient processes.
  1. Change your outputs
Your outputs can include your products and your waste. Reduce environmental impacts by designing new systems. Separate waste materials for resource recovery and savings.

Waste minimisation will help your company improve efficiencies and increase profits. You can reduce waste and enhance the environment. In today's environmentally-conscious world, companies need to improve their environmental performance by examining all aspects of the business operation.